Abandoned Kitten Loves Her New Farm Friends

Abandoned kitty got another chance when Jessica, a woman who was working in a bakery heard her meows. The poor kitty was in a chimney !

The poor abandoned kitty was stuck, and  it seems like no one seemed to care. Jessica tried  to call others for help, from police and emergency services to veterinarians and all sorts of wildlife rescue groups. Finally, she found someone who cared. One sanctuary for farm animals “Edgar`s Mission” was willing to her.


The Edgar`s Mission sanctuary usually responds to calls about some goats, chickens, llamas, cows, and also turkeys, but cats? It happens sometimes, but not all that often. The abandoned baby kitty was only around ten days old. No one knew for sure how many days she was there, but it was at least a few days. If she was going to survive they had to rescue her right away.


The owner of the bakery did not want his property damaged, and the poor abandoned kitten was stuck deep inside the chimney. Pam Ahern, a lady from the farm sanctuary had to squeeze her body into the narrow space of the chimney then reach as far as she could to grab hold of the kitty. When Pam got her out of the chimney, the kitten was very dirty, but still very much alive and really hungry and thirsty.When they took the baby abandoned kitty to the farm, she was kept warm and treated for dehydration. Regular bottle feedings helped her quickly put on some weight.


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