Abandoned Puppy Could Barely Move But Look At Her Now

A 3 month old abandoned puppy Zoey was in the woods all alone and could barely move, her miraculous recovery will amaze you!

Many people are aware of dogs that get abandoned every day, but the actual statistic might really surprise you. Almost 4 million dogs ends up at animal shelters each year, according to the ASPCA. Also that is not counting all of the dogs that get saved by some independent nonprofit organizations. Luckily, this abandoned puppy got another chance for life!

For one organization, Howl Of A Dog, this particular rescue story really stuck out from the rest, this is Zoey’s story!

abandoned puppy 2

A 3 month old puppy Zoey was all alone, desperate and hungry in the woods. She was barely moving and could not even stand up when rescuers found her lying in the underbrush of a heavily wooded area. She was extremely lethargic from severe malnutrition and she was full of fleas all over her body.

After a long bath, Zoey was also able to get all the medical attention. Zoey’s case was definitely something new for this rescue organization. They usually tend to rescuer older or abuse animals from high kill shelters.

abandoned puppy 3

This is their mission: “We,  the Howl Of A Dog Organization, are a family of animal lovers. All the animals we have in our care we consider and treat as family members and give them all the love and attention that they need to be happy”.

Here is the video of Zoey`s rescuing and recovery!

Zoey quickly grew into being a positive and also a fun-loving dog who is always ready to play. She is also incredibly friendly with other people and especially enjoys being around other dogs and playing with them.

Currently, Zoey is enjoying her days at Howl Of A Dog in Romania. There she is getting all of the love and attention she could ever want while waiting to find her loving forever home. Be sure to check out this organization, and their adorable, adoptable dogs, at their Facebook page, Howl Of A Dog.

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