Abused Puppy Is Scared Of Everything, But Then Something Amazing Happens

Abused puppy is scared of basically everything! The poor puppy went through so much in his life but then the most amazing this happens. His new human mom introduces him to her baby and the two of them are inseparable ever since!

Nora is an abused puppy and she was scared of almost everything. This is completely understandable since the rescue puppy suffered from animal cruelty in her past. But that all changed the day that she met her new special buddy Archie. “She came from an abusive background and she is afraid of almost everything,” says Archie and Nora’s mom, Elizabeth Spence. “Not Archie though, she absolutely adores him and loves him so much”.

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Nora is a rescue dog from a puppy mill. She was rescued when she was just 10 months old. She was filthy, emaciated, terrified and also pregnant when the rescuers found her! Because of Archie, Nora now feels safe and also secure around other people and animals too!

“She was just skin and bones,” says one of the rescuers. “You could count all the ribs, and also she was pregnant. She was dirty and terrified too, and she had chain burns around her neck”.

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But it all started with a friendship between these two cute buddies. Now, they do almost everything together. The both of them love listening to music. They also love to dress up for Halloween. Sometimes they dress up just for fun.

They love to play with their toys. But, their favorite things in the whole world is to take naps together!

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The family also adopted one of Nora`s daughters. Nora is now enjoying motherhood even though she daughter is quite big now. All of them are now a big, happy family. All the bad is far behind them.

“Every day you just see a pile of cats and also a pile of dogs and a pile of kids sleeping together,” Elizabeth notes. “It is quite surprising to us that we ended up with all these animals who are incredibly loving and affectionate too. Everyone gets along really great. It is really neat, and also really fun to see”.

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