Adopted Stray Cat Has An Amazing Talent, She Learned To Do Something Incredible (VIDEO)

This adopted stray cat has an amazing talents, she knows how to play the piano! Scroll down for the video!

Cats are pretty amazing and this cat proves it! This adopted cat has an incredible talent, she plays the piano! Nora the cat is 13 years old and she has an incredible talent. Nora is a beautiful gray tabby cat, rescued from the streets of Camden, New Jersey, by the Furrever Friends animal shelter. This adopted stray kitty became famous after a YouTube video of her playing the piano that went viral in 2007. The Times of London, in its online edition, also described her music as being “something halfway between Philip Glass and free jazz.

adopted stray 2

Nora was adopted as a kitten by artists and musicians, Burnell Yow and also Betsy Alexander of the Fitler Square area of Center City Philadelphia, PA. They gave her the name Nora after the surrealist artist Leonora Carrington. When she was only one year old, Nora hopped onto the bench in front of a Yamaha Disklavier piano and just started to play.

Check out the video of Nora playing the piano!

Since then, Nora plays the piano on a daily basis, sometimes playing duets with Betsy, who is actually a music teacher, or also with Betsy’s students. It was the students who actually encouraged them to make a YouTube video, which they put online in January 2007. The video had lots of views and got lots of attention of other media. Many talk shows, newspapers and also news channels featured it including Martha Stewart, CNN, The Daily Show, Public Radio International, The Today Show and the Philadelphia Inquirer too.

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It appears that she likes all of the attention too, but she also plays when she is alone. She does actually express a preference for playing with students, especially when they play Bach. In addition to all that, she gravitates toward the D-E-F range on the keyboard. She also includes a lot of the black keys in her playing.



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