Adorable Dog Travels All Around America

A photographer Hunter Lawrence captures his adorable dog Aspen enjoying their epic journey through America!

Who doesn`t love to travel, but when you don’t have anyone who is willing to travel with you, what do you do then? Well, you bring your adorable dog with you, of course. That is exactly what Hunter Lawrence, a photographer from Colorado does. They are on adventure of a lifetime, making memories and having fun.

adorable dog2

A long time ago, Hunter and his wife got a puppy golden retriever and named him Aspen. Since then, they bring Aspen with them, wherever they go. So Aspen has already traveled in eight different states throughout the United States of America and he has a very popular account on Instagram.

Just look at him! Aspen really is adorable and he looks like he`s having a good time!

adorable 3

adorable 4

His owner, Hunter, is capturing this precious moments wherever they go, and he makes beautiful and adorable photos of his best friend. You can see all kinds of photos of Aspen enjoying hiking in the mountains, driving in the little boat and also swimming in the beautiful, clear lake.

Aspen is very photogenic and he loves to pose for photos!

adorable dog5

He also loves riding in their car and just chilling!

adorable dog6

 If you find these photos amusing and adorable, check out Aspen’s Instagram page, for many more of his adorable images.

Here he is guarding this cool van!

adorable 7

Just look at this sweet family of three. They look so happy. They loving spending their time together and traveling all over the world!

adorable 8

Aspen looks so cool here! He loves getting all wet and rolling on the ground!

adorable 9

Hunter is also a really good photographer. He manages to capture every moment so perfectly!

adorable 10

Together they make such a good team. A perfect family too! They are really adorable!

adorable 11

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