Adventures Of A Business Cat (FUNNY)

“The Adventures Of A Business Cat” is such a funny and brilliant web comic. It was created by Tom Fonder and his collaborator, Rachel Robbins.

This comic tries to show how it would be if a cat was a CEO. They also try to show how a CEO who is a cat handles day-to-day affairs at a company. On his site, Tom Fonder gives the some more description of the adventures of the business cat too. Get ready to laugh, this is really very funny!


A shrewd businessman and a also a hard hitting executive, Business Cat is not afraid at all to milk the corporate cash cow for his taste of the big-time. He pushes the envelope with his integrated approach, maximising leverage, downsizing, rightsizing and doing other business things too.”

A present for a job well done! Keep up with the good work, there is a lot more of those still to come!


Huh, look at the cup! What is going to happen if I move it a little bit? OK, it`s gone. Never mind.


That is what happens when you are surfing the Internet while working!


Just keep doing your business, don`t mind me. It is like I am not even here.


This is so funny!


The business cat loves him belly rubs! But, sometimes he likes to bite a bit.


Business lunch in the best restaurant in the town with the best food too!


When your boss invites you to dinner, you must go! No escaping that…


The best way to travel…


All of these funny comics show some everyday things that a business cat comes upon, from business lunches to signing all sorts of papers. This cat has some interesting adventures everyday. Tom Fonder really made something very humorous and hilarious too.

If you like these there are also plenty more to find on this artist website! This will put a smile on your face for sure and brighten your day too.


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