After She Accidentally Ran Over A Frog With A Lawnmower, She Flew Him Hundreds Of Miles To Save His Life

A woman accidentally ran over a frog with a lawnmower in her back yard, and after that she flew with him hundreds of miles to get him into surgery and save his life!

Lawnmowers and frogs typically do not make for a happy ending let alone a beautiful story like this. Sometimes small animals can be really difficult and tricky to identify when you are out and about in the garden and accidents can happen. Most of people accept the tragedy and move on, but that was not enough for Min Tims from Mt Isa, Australia. After she accidenatally ran him over, she decided she had to save his life!

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Green tree frogs are becoming increasingly rare in Australia, and luckily for the frog Tims knew this very well.

Once she realized she cleaved off the top of the frog`s back, she knew she had to act. She called her sister and the two of them took the frog to a rescue center that was hundreds of miles away.

The poor tree frog’s journey involved an airplane, a dog transporter, and also a courier company too. Rex Airways actually agreed to fly the frog. A group called Dogtainers helped to coordinate and custom package the injured animal. A courier actually met the flight about 500 miles away in Cairns. Staff from an animal hospital called Frog Safe picked up the injured patient from there.

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“We knew that he also had an underlying condition because he was out on the lawn during that day. The wound itself was also really infected and the tissues above where the blade skimmed over the shoulder bone were necrotic too,” says Deborah Pergolotti, the President of Frog Safe.

The poor frog was evidently not in a good condition when it first arrived. The first priority for the staff was easing the frog`s  pain. Then they gave it a range of medicines to clear all of the infections. A few days after the treatment for the lawnmower incident, staff members found out that this poor frog was also suffering from two internal parasites. They managed to remove all the parasites and saw a really big improvement in its overall health. “He is doing just great,” Pergolotti says. “The wound healed up completely and there is a bit of a scar there. His weight has also picked up, he is one extremely lucky frog”.


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