Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Kitty (VIDEO)

Meet Albert, the cutest Munchkin kitty with a unique “skull” nose and over 450,000 followers on social networks! Scroll down for the video!

Meet cute kitty Albert. He is an Instagram famous Munchkin kitty with big beautiful blue eyes and an adorable attitude. Some days Albert likes to stay in and just rest. On other days he likes to take his scooter out but he always remembers to wear his helmet because safety always comes first. He loves to be frisky and  to wear the latest fashions.

albert 1

albert 3

His life changed completely after he became a huge star on Instagram. Now he tries to live a humble and quiet life but his 450 thousands of fans are watching his every adorable step. Besides having a huge fan base, Albert is just a regular kitty who enjoys outdoor and indoor activities, as well as wearing the latest cat fashion items out there. He needs to be handsome and pretty for his loyal fans all around the world.

albert 4

albert 556

The pretty Munchkin cat is a medium sized cat with a long body. It has walnut shaped eyes and triangular ears. Because of a mutation it has short and stubby legs, and this is also this cat’s most recognizable feature. The Munchkins, however, are in no way handicapped by their legs and they do have regularly sized forelegs that are all equal in length. This cat comes in short haired and long haired varieties, both sporting an all weather beautiful coat.


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