Amazing Story Of A Dog`s Love And Loyalty

Amazing story of a dog who walked over 50 miles in almost 2 months to find his owner!

Casey is a Border Collie dog who wanted to be with his owner so badly, that he walked over 50 miles across the United Kingdom in two months in order to be with her again. This really is an amazing story of love and loyalty too. All this dog wanted was to be with his owner, and he did everything possible to find her!

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It all started when Casey`s owner, Carole Fossett, left him in the care of her friend while she was moving house. The sweet Collie escaped from Carole’s friend’s house from Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England and went missing for weeks. “We did not hear anything and I thought, that this is it, he is dead,” Fossett says. 

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Devastated, Fossett then decided to launch a Facebook campaign to find her sweet dog. She also immediately received three calls from all around the country, saying  that Casey was spotted on his journey.  Sill, nobody was able to catch him, he kept running away. After two months, one day, Carole got a call from Newark and Sherwood District Council, who told her that dog wardens found Casey at a car park in Nottinghamshire.

“I burst into tears straight away. I simply can’t describe it,” said Carole. “When your dog is missing for over two months you just don’t believe you are going to see him ever again”.

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Casey lost a lot of weight in those two months. He went from having 59 lbs to 35 lbs during the time he was missing. He was so happy and joyful to see his human mom again. The two of them are finally together again. They could not be more happy. This story really shows us how dogs are loyal to us and how their love is truly unconditional. They would also do anything for us. This really warms my heart. A dog really is a man`s best friend in the entire world.

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