Animals Who Adopted Other Animals (VIDEO)

Animals often adopt other animals ! People are not the only ones who adopt babies of other species like kittens and puppies.  Animals often do it too!

Animals are not usually credited with having emotions like generosity or empathy. As a matter of fact these emotions may be the simplest explanations for the decisions of some cats, pigs, tigers and many others to adopt babies from a different species.

Look at his adorable Golden Retriever breastfeeding baby tigers. How cute !

A Golden Retriever dog at Kansas zoo has adopted three baby tiger cubs abandoned by their mother. She raised them as their own. Now they are all grown up and pretty much bigger than their adoptive mother they still love to play with her and spend time with her.


One good example is a also cat Emmy who adopted a baby squirrel into her litter of kittens. Emmy suckled and raised the baby squirrel, Rocky, as her own. Rocky blended right in with his siblings the baby kittens, and even learned to purr when stroked.

Check out this video of Rocky the squirrel who learned to purr like all the other kitties!

 A 16-year-old cat called Rosinka was an adoptive mother to a baby monkey called Fedor. He was abandoned by his own mother in one Russian zoo. The mother of the three week old baby squirrel monkey refused to carry him on her back  which is essential for him to survive the first months of its life. Fedor is always on his mother Rosinka’s back except for when he needs to be fed with baby milk.

Check out this video of baby monkey Fedor on his adoptive mother`s back !

Edgar the pig raised this baby lamb like his own child ! So sweet !

Edgar Allen the Pig was a rescue animal from a factory farm. He lived a long peaceful life on one farm sanctuary in Australia, where he served as a surrogate father to abandoned farm animals. One of his favorites was this cute baby lamb, who came to the sanctuary when he was only 1 week old. Edgar raised him as is own and is very proud of him too.


Valentine the Peacock is one proud parent. She raised the goose and taught her all the basics that it needs to know in life !

Valentine the Peacock did not have any of her own chicks for a few years when the staff at the How Park Farm gave her some goose eggs to sit on. Only one of all the eggs hatched, but Valentine immediately took on the role of proud mother to this cute baby goose . According to Caroline Halse, who works there at the farm, “She walks it around, shows it what and how to eat, and also even puts it to the bed at night.”


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