Australian Man Is On A Mission To Save Every Single Dog In The World

Ryan Anderson is an Australian man who has a wonderful mission. He plans to save every single dog in the world! He calls himself “the crazy dog lady man”!

This Australian man considers himself the “world’s biggest dog lover”. That is definitely a pretty big statement to make, but he absolutely lives up to it, every single day. There is not even a single part of Anderson’s life that does not involve dogs. He works full time as an animal welfare inspector with the RSPCA, and in his free time, he also volunteers and fosters too, striving to make the world a better place for every single dog he meets.

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“I started out just volunteering on the weekends with various rescue groups. Then I started attending events, also fostering dogs, transporting animals and donating too. Now I also promote rescue dog events, fundraisers, adoptable animals through my social media as well as educational posts too for promoting responsible dog ownership,” Anderson says.

Anderson’s love and passion for helping rescue dogs actually started out with a woderful mission. He wanted to meet as many different dogs as possible. The more dogs he met, though, the more he realized how much help the rescue community actually needs and also how much benefit can come from education. Soon, his mission morphed from just “meet all the dogs” to a bigger one “spread compassion and awareness about rescue dogs” as well.

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On his Instagram account the “Aussie Dog Guy,” Anderson details his adventures meeting the various dogs of the world, while also teaching people about the importance of rescuing and all the pure joy it really brings. On the account he calls himself a “crazy dog lady man,” which is most definitely an accurate description.

“Not only is it my full time job to work with rescue animals, it is also my biggest passion and hobby too,” Anderson says. “I live and also breathe dogs”. Anderson currently has only one dog, called Goose, and also a cat called Krumm. This is because the fewer permanent animals he has, the more room he has in his home to foster and also help sweet, deserving animals waiting for loving forever homes of their own. Rather than to adopt himself and give a home to just a handful of animals, he is trying to help find homes for as many animals as he possibly can.


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