Autistic Girl Is Best Friends With A Therapy Cat

A 5 year old autistic girl struggles with her anxiety, until she befriends one therapy cat!

When one family discovers that their daughter was severely autistic, they  end up spending years trying to figure out how to help her. It is a daily struggle. Iris, the autistic five years old did not speak or communicate. She even avoided other kids and also refused to play even with her parents. Iris did not engage with the world at all, refusing to make any eye contact with others.

She often became very anxious and upset, especially around new people and in the unknown environments.


One day when her mother drew something on a piece of paper and when Iris saw it she was very fascinated by the drawing. She developed an intense interest in art, but despite that this autistic girl still stayed disconnected and distant from the world.


Her parents were reading a lot about how animal can have wonderful effect on autistic children. They wanted to give it a try and introduced Iris to some horses. She did not respond well to the horses. After that they tried to introduce her to a dog and it was even worse. She was very overwhelmed by the fast movements of the dog and did not like being licked by the dog.


The family were taking care of their brother`s cat once and even though that they were worried how Iris would react she actually fell in love with the kitty. She bonded with her straight away.


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