Baby Elephant Sulking (FUNNY VIDEO)

Camera catches a baby elephant sulking by the side of a road while throwing a huge funny tantrum! Scroll down for the video!

All parents know that when their kid is in a particular mood, they are capable of throwing the biggest tantrums ever. You can predict the level of their tantrum on how they are actually acting before hand. If they are a toddler, it seems like everything you ask, ends up with that horrible word, “no”. Well, this baby elephant is the same. He is sulking and having a big, funny tantrum!

baby elephant2

Actually toddlers and little kids are not the only ones who throw hilarious tantrums! The need to let out some anger and energy by acting a little bit bratty is a universal trait that all animals also have and often do display.

 In this video from the year 2014, a baby elephant is on the side of a road, carrying on and throwing himself to the ground. The baby elephant is angry and upset about something. He is doing his very best to let his mommy know that he is not happy. He scratches his little cute butt on the ground and rolls around while he waits for some attention. But mommy is not having any of it, she just walks right past him and he must realize that he is not going to win this war of the wills. In the end he gives up and stands up and follows her. He is so cute and funny!

Check out the video of this cute baby elephant acting silly while sulking!

The newborn elephants enter this world at an incredible mass of around 220 lbs. They have a height of about 35 inches at the shoulder, and unbelievably may consume up to 3 gallons of milk per day. Their childhood is the most important part of their life. With only a few hours after being born they start learning how to survive.

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