Baby Jaguar Was Hiding The Saddest Possible Secret Inside Her Body

A baby jaguar was shot and had 18 shot pellets inside her body! This is really so sad!

Last October, this sweet baby jaguar got shot several times. 18 shotgun pellets were still inside her tiny body. D’Yaria could move her head and also neck a bit and she could definitely still growl, but the rest of her body was paralyzed.

This is an area where people mostly have cattle, and jaguars sometimes go into farms and kill the cattle, so what the locals sometimes do is just kill the jaguars to preserve their cattle,” Cely says. “It is really very sad”. Cely is a veterinarian with Darwin Animal Doctors, an organization that helps animals in need.

baby jaguar 1

Cely also believes that D’Yaria’s mom was shot too, and killed. Otherwise, she would still be with her baby. After getting shot, the baby jaguar probably ran into the forest until she could not run anymore. Then she just collapsed. She might have felt safe there for a while, but she was in a really bad shape.

“If we have not found her and treated her, she would have not survived,” Cely says. “She was paralyzed and she could not even drink water, hunt or find food for herself”.

baby jaguar 2

When D’Yaria first arrived at the hospital, a vet team led by Dr. Andrés Ortega had concerns that D’Yaria just would not make it. She had severe injuries and even if she pulled through, they thought she will never walk again.

After all the surgeries she desperately needed, the vet team watched her carefully. When they noticed that she was able to move her legs, then they knew she was going to be alright.

baby jaguar 3

baby jaguar 5

Each day, baby jaguar D’Yaria got a little stronger. After about a month later, D’Yaria got moved to a large outdoor enclosure at a nature park in Lago Agrio, Ecuador. The vet team is certain that she will be able to get released back into the wild. She is a real fighter!

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