Baby Koala Holds On To His Injured Mommy Tight! This Is What True Love Looks Like (VIDEO)

“I am not leaving you mommy”. This is what true love looks like! A baby koala holds tight to his injured mommy and does not let go. Scroll down for this heartwarming video!

This is an unbelievable story of a mommy koala and her sweet baby koala, who both survived an accident with the magic of love! Unarguably, for most mothers and babies of the differing species on earth, this relationship is more than just mysterious. It is so pure and strong, so beautiful and unbreakable!

baby koala 2

It is no surprise that a baby koala would not want to let go of his mama while she underwent a serious emergency surgery. But it is probably rare that hospital staff would let the baby koala cling to her mommy during the procedure.
That is exactly what the staff at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital did when Phantom, a 6 month old baby koala joey, would not let go of his mother during her recent operation for a collapsed lung.

The two of them were hit by a car on a highway west of Brisbane, Phantom. Both of them were quickly transferred to the animal hospital in Beerwah, Queensland. Even though Phantom was not injured, his mother Lizzy suffered a collapsed lung.

Baby Phantom would not leave his mother during the operation, wrapping his little cute arms around her neck!

baby koala 3

“Lizzy is in recovery,” hospital veterinary nurse Jamie-Lynn Nevers says. “It is so rewarding to see patients like Lizzy doing so well”.

Check out this heartwarming video of Phantom the baby koala holding on to his mommy during her big surgery!

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital actually opened in honor of the late wildlife care pioneer Lyn Irwin. She is the mother of the renowned wildlife expert Steve Irwin, He died in 2006 after being stabbed by a stingray during one TV shoot. This animal hospital sees about 70 koalas monthly, and the treatment costs can be as high as even $5,000 Australian (about U.S. $3,900). The hospital says it actually receives up to 100 wildlife emergency calls daily and even admits up to 30 different species each day. Most are injured in car accidents or also in attacks by some domesticated animals.


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