Baby Monkey Gets A Bubble Bath And Then Opens His Beautiful Brown Eyes (VIDEO)

The cuttest baby monkey gets a bubble bath and then opens his big beautiful brown eyes! It is the sweetest thing ever! Srcoll down for the video!

Even though cats and dogs are most popular pets on the planet, some people prefer something a little more exotic. Out of the box pet parents can have everything from interesting reptiles to colorful exotic fish.  Some even prefer to have farm animals as pets like the lovely couple who thought they were purchasing a teacup pig but ended up with the amazing, gigantic Esther the wonder pig. Neverless her size, they still love her so much and treat her like their baby. In this video you can see this cute baby monkey enjoying his bubble bath, it is really adorable!

Some pet owners go even further into the exotic animals realm, which is alright as long as they are legally ownable and were not snatched from the wild and live in good and proper conditions. An example of these uber-wild pets are the finger monkeys, which are teeny tiny little primates that do not really grow to be much bigger than a human hand. One of those is this cute baby monkey!

baby monkey 2

Check out this cute video of this baby monkey enjoying his bubble bath!

A particularly cute online clip features Yeti Kong getting a bubble bath, between his tiny size and his beautiful big brown eyes, it is quite a sight to see.

Finger monkeys, which are called pocket monkeys or pygmy marmosets, are actually the smallest monkeys in the entire world. They are one of the very few exotic animals that you can keep as a domestic or home pet. They usually live in the majestic rainforests of the Amazon river. Some also live in South American countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and also Peru. When they are in their natural habitat, they primarily eat the gum or the sap of trees, fruits and also insects like beetles, bugs and butterflies too.

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