Baby Pulled Cat`s Hind Legs And Her Reaction Is Unbelievable (VIDEO)

Baby pulled cat’s hind legs, and what mom catches on film is now spreading like wildfire online and here is why! Scroll down for this amazing video!

Cats are not really famous for being the most patient creatures on earth. You can be petting them and then all of a sudden they latch on to your arm and also start biting you! To call cats fickle is an understatement for sure, but it is all a part of their charm. You really have to be careful when introducing a newborn to any family pet, you never know what they pets reaction may be. In most cases pets love and care for the newborns like they would for their own. When this baby pulled cat`s hind legs, the cat did something really unexpected, and it was such an adorable sight to see.

baby pulled

This  adorable video features an adopted cat named Lemsie and a cute baby boy. Lemsie and the baby are about to meet officially for the first time in this video. Lucky for us, the camera was rolling when the cute infant grabbed Lemsie’s back leg! You will not believe how Lemsie reacted, it was the cutest thing ever!


The baby did not know how to respond either, but you can see that he is quite happy! It seems like these two will best friends for a very long time! The video, as you can probably imagine, went viral for all the right reasons! People are often afraid to have a baby near a dog or a cat! But, this video like many more online just prove once again that animals are extremely gentle and loving to babies and that they would never hurt them. Even more than that, they will protect them from everything possible, there are plenty cases where an animal saved a kid`s life.


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