Baby Tapir Finds A Big Brother To Help Her

The cutest baby tapir finds a big brother to take care of her and to help her grow up!

A tiny, cute endangered baby tapir was taken from the wild and raised as a pet. Thankfully, now she is getting a second chance at freedom and life. Just a few months old, a tiny baby tapir came to the South America’s first elephant sanctuary.  The sanctuary helps animals to learn how to live in the wild again. Along came an older male tapir who had a similar fate and he ended up becoming her big brother.

baby tapir1

“First we thought we were only getting one tapir, but in the end there were two,” the Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB) says. “This is actually a really good thing since it allows them constant companionship and to bond with each other instead of looking towards humans for some affection”.

And the cute female baby tapir is bonding quite strongly and quite fast with the older male. Just the other day, she went up to him and gave him a kiss on the mouth while he was taking a nap.

baby tapir2

Then she also went ahead and nibbled on his ears too.

baby tapir3

This cute baby tapir also loves to nibble his toes!

baby tapir 4

Sadly, the male tapir was still showing marks of his plight when he first arrived. His head was raw and also wounded from where he was rubbing it on the cage in which he was kept, and his coat lacked luster from all the malnutrition.

But he seems to like his new little sister very much. “He is very tolerant of her following him all around and even seeks her out when he wakes up from his naps at times,” the sanctuary workers say.

baby tapir3

The sanctuary took in the tapirs because they really had nowhere else to go. The local government asked for the their help in raising and re-releasing the animals back into the wild. “The tapirs are pretty remarkable little animals and we are so happy to have a part on ensuring their release”.

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