Bachelor Party Turns Into A Rescue Mission

Bachelor party in Las Vegas encounters a stray dog who leads them to her puppies !

A group of guys from Michigan were on a bachelor party in Las Vegas when their night turned into a rescue mission. These guys are true heroes and prove that bachelor parties are not just wild parties.


Mitchel Craddock was with some friends and family members in a cabin for a quick getaway weekend before his wedding. At one moment he noticed a dog that came there and was sitting outside their cabin door when they were cooking breakfast.

“We were cooking bacon for breakfast with the door open. The next thing you know, there was this stray dog sitting right at the front door. She did not want come inside, but she sat right there and stared at us,” Mitchel later told the news.


It took some time for the dog to start to trust the eight men. “She was such a sweetheart once we gained her trust, she was so happy to see us and could not stop wagging her tail” The guys noticed that she recently gave birth since you could notice that she was producing milk.


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