Barefoot Boy Give His Sweater To A Stray Dog

A barefoot boy in Pakistan gave a sweater to a stray dog to keep him warm! Stories like this give us back hope in humanity! Its no wonder this went viral straight away!

Kids have a wonderful way of showing us great things. Mohammad Belaal Imran, who is a freelance filmmaker, has some great proof of that. While he was taking photos in Karachi, Pakistan, Mohammad saw a stray dog wearing a sweater. Then a barefoot boy appeared calling out to the dog, and the dog when nuts! The barefoot boy and the dog started to play, it was such a happy moment.

This barefoot boy feeds this stray dog every day and he even gave the dog a sweater because the weather was cold. The boy does not even have any shoes, but he was more than willing to give up a sweater to help a stray dog! Just look at the smile on that boy! He is just a street kid there. These children live and also work in different cities in Pakistan.

His smile is priceless, these kind of things really show us how little you need to be happy and also to be kind and generous.

barefoot 2

“I saw this dog last night at Bahadurabad wearing a full sleeves shirt, and while I was trying to capture him, this little boy came calling, ‘Jaggu, Jaggu,’ and the dog just went crazy after him,” Imran explains on his Facebook page.“He started playing with him, which was really unbelievable, as I never saw a stray dog playing like he was with this barefoot kid, who feeds him every day, and he is the one who gave Jaggu his shirt to wear because it is really cold outside”.

barefoot 4

After this photo went viral a fundraiser was set up to help Jaggu and this boy with the heart of gold. Only in a few short days, thousands of dollars were donated.“Funds raised here help this boy and the dog to have proper clothing, food, shelter as well as medical care for both these best friends,”says Suhaib Jamal Nasir of North York, Ontario.


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