Bear, The Cute Puppy Who Was Abandoned For Being Too Big Has The Coolest Job Now!

Bear is a Pomeranian dog who was abandoned by the breeder for being too big! Now Bear has the most amazing life and a fabulous job too!

Bert the Pomeranian doggie, actually looks like a little bear. He had a really rough start in life, but today he is one of the fancy art connoisseurs living his dream in New York City. When he was only 5 months old, Bert’s breeder abandoned him at a shelter because he was too big to sell. That is when Kathy Grayson, who actually owns an art gallery in NYC called The Hole, saw him on the Internet and just immediately knew she had to adopt him.

Meet Bert (Bear)! Isn`t he adorable?! How could someone leave him like that?

bear 1

bear 2

“There was just something about the sweet look in his eyes,” Grayson says. “I think that next day in NYC we had an opening at my art gallery with hundreds of people and also a dinner and a after-party too. From day one, Bert was ready to join our art world”.

bear 3

bear 5

The puppy`s sophisticated demanor made him a sweetheart of the art world. “He is so calm and like… really introspective,” Grayson says. “He attended dozens of openings, scores of art fairs in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles too. His motto is really ‘Happy to be included’”.

bear 6

bear 7

Bert actually even likes to perform some art himself. “He will sit up like a person and also dance for treats sometimes,” Grayson says. “I also trained him to kiss me on command. It is really adorable but now there are no free kisses, he always wants a treat for them!” Bert, sounds like you did good for yourself after all! This puppy had the fortune to find true love, a warm home and happiness! He deserves it for sure!


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