BenBen, The Sadest Cat Now Transformed

This is a story about BenBen, the saddest cat on the Internet

This kitten was spending his miserable days at a shelter while he was waiting to die. He had a crushed spine, several deep lacerations, and cauliflower ears. BenBen was attacked by some big animals . He had excess skin on his face, which made him always look sad. The shelter workers said that as if he knew that he was going to be dead soon, and he refused food, drinks and would not even move anymore.

Meet BenBen. He was spending his last days at the shelter while waiting to die. Poor kitty

He was so depressed that he stopped eating, drinking,  and would not stand up or move at all

But then а big-hearted woman whо works for аn ER vet clinic decided tо adopt him. “We managed tо get everything sorted оut the dаy before his scheduled euthanization and brought him tо his forever home. “  bebben

BenBen got another chance for life. Luckily, there is still a lot of good people in the world that are willing to adopt and take care of sick animals.


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