Big Dogs And Little Kids Project

“Little Kids And Big Dogs” is such a lovely project. This project was created by Andy Seliverstoff and it shows the strong bond between dogs and kids!

We all know about how kids have this unbreakable bond with dogs, it is like they have their own language too. They sleep, play and grow together. A dog will always defend a kid from any possible danger. It is even like they understand each other on a completely different and higher level. It is so cute to see a big dog so gentle next to a baby or a small kid. It`s really amazing how their bond is so strong.


Andy Seliverstoff spent around four months taking thousands of pictures in St Petersburg, Russia before compiling a book from the hundred best images.


He is a photographer for years but just recently he started taking it more seriously. He has a particular fondness for big dogs, especially for the Great Danes. His canine subjects also include Briads, Newfoundlands, and Black Russian Terriers too and plenty more other dog breeds.


“I always take plenty of time with the dog who is in front of my camera so I can get to know the personality of my dog model the best I can,” writes Andy on his website. “The personality and the character of every dog is so unique.  The human aspects we ofter recognize and see in our dogs are, among other many things, what makes us feel so close to them.  And it is this aspect I try to express in my photos.”


All of these photos are really amazing. They are so beautiful and they really catch all the emotions of the big dogs and the little children. You can really see the bond and just the pure beauty of their friendship. If you like these photos you can check out Andy`s website where there are plenty more photos from his collection. Here are some of our favorites, but all of them are truly stunning.





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