Big Rock A In Frozen Lake Turns Out To Be Something Else (VIDEO)

A big rock in a frozen lake turns out actually to be a moose desperate for some help! Luckily, the two kind people who saw the moose ended up saving his life! Scroll down for the video!

This moose got really luckily. These two kind persons saw a strange looking big rock. When they looked a little bit better they realized that the rock was actually a moose. The poor moose got stuck in the freezing lake and also could not get out, he desperately needed some help!

big rock 2

From the distance, Viktor Johannessen and also Sigrid Sjösteen saw what they first thought a big rock on the ice of the frozen lake in northern Sweden. “We just finished eating our lunch,” Johannessen says. “We looked out the window and saw that the ice looked a bit strange a few hundred meters from the shore.

“About twenty feet from a small island across the bay, it looked like someone threw a huge rock on to the ice. Through the binoculars we could actually see that the big rock was really a moose struggling to get out of the water. It was also obvious that it was having some problems” one of the men says.

Check out the video of this two brave people saving the moose. They helped him get out of the frozen lake!

So the two grabbed some tools and put on their ice skates. The went to the lake to help the stuck moose. Using an axe of some kind, these rescuers chiseled out a route to the shoreline and also directed the poor moose in that very direction. After a little bit of a struggle, he finally got out and went back into the woods. In the end he realized that the people were only trying to help him. The most important thing is that he is doing just fine now!


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