Black Cats Are Bad Luck! We`re Breaking That Stereotype Once And For All

Do black cats really bring bad luck?? Well, we are breaking that ancient stereotype once and for all!

Black cats have been associated with bad luck and evil and all kinds of superstition for hundreds of years. But why is that? How exactly did a cuddly beautiful kitty cat get such a bad reputation?

black cats 2

After all, things certainly did not start that way for the humble feline. Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians revered and also worshipped cats. A person caught killing a cat could face the death penalty back then.

So what exactly happened? Most historians trace superstitions about black cats back to Europe all the way to the Middle Ages. At that time, some older women were accused of witchcraft and also practicing black magic. Many of these women had cats as their companions, so the kitties became guilty by association.

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This belief was solidified by a piece of widespread folklore that began circulating somewhat in the mid-16th century. According to the legend, a father and son were traveling together on a moonless night, when a black cat crossed their path.

They threw stones at the cat until the poor and injured animal found its way into the nearby home of a woman suspected of being a real witch. The next day, the father and the son saw that woman bruised and limping, which led them to begin telling everyone that the woman and thus all other witches could actually turn into black cats at night to prowl the streets unnoticed.

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This belief was eventually echoed in the US during the time of the Salem witch trials. Of course, the association between black cats and evil or bad luck is nothing more than a empty superstition. Still, it remains a belief held by many people even today. In fact, the next time Halloween rolls around, take notice of just how many black cats you see on the Halloween decorations.

It is not all bad news for black cats, however. There are some places in the world where black cats are honored the way they should be. For example, many people in Scotland, Great Britain, Japan, and also Russia view black cats as signs of good luck and also prosperity!


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