Black Kitty Has The Best Reaction After He Was Caught Stealing A Piece Of Fish (VIDEO)

This Black Kitty Has The Best Reaction After He Was Caught Stealing A Piece Of Fish! He is adorable!

He is a real cat burglar! Viral video captures cheeky black kitty`s hilarious reaction after being caught red-handed with a piece of stolen fish – which he brazenly tried to hide with his paw.

Chibikuro is a black kitty from Japan. He was recently caught trying to eat a stolen piece of fried fish. When his owner demanded to know, “Who has dared to steal this fish?” Chibikuro’s reaction was hilarious.

black kitty 3

When he asked who dared to steal the fish, the black cat refused to let go of the contraband and hilariously even tried to hide it and hold on to it with his paw. He was concealing the fish while staring up at his owners – who filmed the entire episode for a now-viral video.

black kitty 2

The black kitty was first holding the fish with his mouth. But then after being confronted, he tightly wrapped both of his arms around the piece of fish as if his life depended on it. He was not feeling sorry at all and was also staring at his owner with contempt.
Kuni-Chan, seeing how uncomfortable the one-year-old cat looked as he desperately tried to hold on to the fish, eventually gave up the tussle and let it go.

Check out this hilarious video of Chibikuro!

Despite the cat’s desperate attempts to keep the snack, Chibikuro’s owner eventually managed to pry it away from him as fried fish is not exactly a part of a cat’s healthy diet.

And this isn’t the first time sneaky Chibikuro tries to expand his diet to include other foods. Although Kuro, Kuni-Chan’s other cat, sticks to cat food, Chibikuro is often caught trying to sneak in a bite of human food. Well, we think he is adorable!



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