Blind Pup And His Mom Are Looking For A Forever Home For Over 6 Months Now

A blind pup and his mom that actually guides him are looking for a forever home. It`s been 6 months already and still nobody wants them!

The best friend of a 10 year old Chesapeake retriever named Jake is his mommy, Maggie. The two dogs share a kennel at Furry Friends Refuge, which a no-kill shelter in Iowa. Jake actually depends on his mom in a special way, Jake is blind, and mom Maggie acts as her son’s guide dog. This blind pup and his mom desperately need a loving forever home to finally enjoy life.

blind pup 2

“Jake is really good at following other dog’s leads, and because Maggie is his mom, and she has been with him his entire life, he likes to follow her lead the best,” says Sayde Scott-Hainchek, the communications and development director for Furry Friends Refuge.

“He listens to where she is going,” she says. “Jake just follows her scent. He always stays close and also keeps his ears open”.

blind pup 3

While their relationship might seem pretty incredible, Maggie is not the first dog to recognize that another dog is blind and also learn to care for them. A dog can pick up on another dog’s disability, and if the dog is the nurturing type, they might choose to become a seeing-eye dog for the other one. But this dynamic duo does lack one big thing , a loving, forever home.

Jake and Maggie arrived at Furry Friends Refuge last December after their former owner passed away, and they are searching for a new home for the last six months now. “One of the challenges facing them is that they really have such a strong bond, so we have to adopt them out together,” Scott-Hainchek says. “Not everybody is really ready to take in two large dogs, particularly when they are seniors dogs”.

blind pup 4

Jake might be blind, diabetic and senior too, but he also loves acting like a playful puppy, Scott-Hainchek says. If you are interested in adopting Jake and Maggie together, please contact Furry Friends Refuge.


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