Boyfriends Left With Her Two Cats Leaving Her Devastated, But Then This Cutie Helped Her Cope

When her boyfriend left her and took with him their two cats she was devastated! That all changed when she meet this cutie, who helped her cope!

After they broke up Rylee Rae’s boyfriend moved out and also took with him their two hairless cats. Rylee could not shake the feeling of loneliness. Not only she lost her boyfriend, but she also lost the companionship of their two pet cats. Rylee said she grew up with hairless cats and was searching all the adoption sites for months.

boyfriend 1

Then one day, Rylee got a notice that said “Hairless Cat Found” and she jumped right a way at the chance to have a new best friend. The cat was about two hours from where Rylee lives in Toronto. The message was up for twenty minutes before Rylee even saw it.

boyfriend 3

She responded to the post by pleading with the people that she would love and care for the kitty cat unconditionally for the rest of her life. The people agreed and Rylee later named the cat Delores.

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Delores lived in a home with other cats before Rylee took her in, and she was frequently bullied. Now she is the princess of the house and she is in charge of everything!

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Just look how cute they are together! Rylee says it was destiny and also that she and Delores are soul mates. Most hairless cats cold often (since they have no fur) so Delores will snuggle under the blankets to stay warm at night. Her mum is also making special sweaters for her to keep her warm!

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Rylee describes Delores as an angel and her sweetheart. Hopefully, this cute pair will be together forever! They do seem to be a true match made in heaven! You can also follow them on Instagram on this link here!


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