Brave Dog Gives His Life To Save A Baby In A Fire

A brave dog gave his life to save and protect the most vulnerable member of his family, the 8 month old baby Viviana!

People like to think that the pets they own are pretty loyal to them, but, many species don not actually have the capacity to act faithful during a crisses. It is not their fault, they are animals, and their primal instinct is to save themselves after all! Dogs are, on the other hand, incredibly loyal pets. Only few of us ever get to really see their loyalty put to the test in actual life or death situation. However, one family did witnessed this devotion in the most incredible way. All of this happened when a fire broke out at their Baltimore home. This brave dog gave his life to save the family`s baby! He is a hero!

brave dog 1

Erika Poremski stepped out to her car for a minute when the fire started inside her house. She quickly rushed inside to try to get her baby daughter Viviana, but the flames blocked her way. Luckily, the family pet dog Polo was there to save the day!

Neighbors also tried unsuccessfully to reach to the 8 month old baby Viviana who was still inside the house with Polo the dog. Luckily, brave Polo knew something was wrong, so he never left baby Viviana`s side. When the Baltimore City Fire Department arrived at the scene, they quickly rushed in to get Viviana and found brave Polo on top of her, shielding her from all of the surrounding flames.

brave 4

Baby Viviana suffered burns on 19% of her body. She was actually spared from more serious harm because of Polo’s protection. Unfortunately Polo was very badly injured. He actually died soon after the fire department rescued the both of them from the burning house!

Polo died as a true hero, giving his life to save the most vulnerable member of his family. Viviana is still in the hospital but she is recovering well and will be alright. This brave dog saved this little girl`s life!


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