Brave Little Boy Walked Over Two Miles To Save A Dying Puppy

This brave little boy walked over two miles to save a dying puppy in South Africa!

A 13 year old brave little boy from Delft, one of the poorest communities in Cape Town, South Africa, recently walked over two miles to save his doggie. When the boy realized his dear puppy was sick and also stopped eating, plus started having bloody diarrhea, he took it upon himself to find help for him.

He found help it at Tin Can Town, an animal rescue that helps local dogs and cats too. “She was really very thin. The boy also told us he did not have enough money for food for her,” says Stöckigt, who works at a rescue organization. “We told him we would do our best to save her precious life, and find her a new loving home that can take good care of her. We thanked him for bringing her to us for the much needed help”.

The doggie who got the name Nanuk turned out to have parvo virus and also was put on a drip!

brave little boy 1

brave little boy 2

They named the doggie Nanuk and also put her on a drip. It turns out that the puppy had parvo virus, which is usually lethal if untreated. If she was not going to eat, there would be no hope for her to make it. The rescuers would cheer her up with the visits from some foster kitties. On the sixth day, Nanuk finally got a little bit better.

brave little boy 3

brave little boy 5

“I think it is a combination of the kittens, also having one of us by her side the whole time giving her love and encouragement too…” Stöckigt says. The rescuers are on the look for a loving forever home for the little Nanuk.

brave little boy 6

Thanks to this brave little boy, this doggie now has a shot for a good life and all the love and also the care she deserves!


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