Bright Orange Alligator In South Carolina (VIDEO)

Camera catches a bright orange alligator swimming around in South Carolina! Scroll down for the video!

Camera catches a strange looking, bright, orange alligator climbing out of a pond in Hanahan, South Carolina on Tuesday. As if you would not want to run away screaming at the sight of an alligator, a bright, orange alligator is even more bizarre! Have you ever heard of anything like it before?

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It can not be as strange as it actually sounds, but surprisingly enough, as there are white alligators in the world. Even though a white alligator is not actually an albino animal, they are leucistic animals, with a really rare genetic condition that reduces the color pigmentation in their skin.

There are many different theories about why this alligator is a different color than the most are. People are thinking that he maybe has an unusual form of albinism. But others are blaming the orange clay on the river bed or the overgrowth of algae because of pollution.

Check out the video of this strange looking, bright, orange alligator!

Residents that are living near the pond in Hanahan say that they saw the bright orange alligator a number of times. Photos show the 4- to 5 foot long  bright, orange alligator. He was on the banks of a retention pond at the Tanner Plantation neighborhood.

Jay Butfiloski with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says the color may come from where this alligator spent the winter. Maybe he was in a rusty steel culvert pipe or something like that. Experts say that the alligator will shed its skin and most probably return to a normal shade soon. What makes this alligator orange we will not know for sure. We can only hope that this is nothing harmful for him. Hopefully, he will shed soon and return to his normal color.

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