Bulldog Comforts A Lost Chihuahua That Him And His Human Dad Found In The Middle Of The Traffic

A French Bulldog and his human dad found a lost Chichuahua in the middle of the traffic! The tiny Chihuahua was so scared that the Bulldog had to comfort her to make her feel safe!

Micha Porat was driving home one night with his Bulldog dog when he spotted something darting across the road. Thinking maybe it was a stray cat or maybe a rat, he stopped his car and got out to check. He discovered a little Chihuahua, completely terrified and wandering the streets all alone. “As I walked a bit closer, the Chihuahua ran away . “There were cars coming back and forth as she was just right in middle of street. I stopped cars in middle of te  road that could have hit her and also told them to stop and to watch for the Chihuahua”.


Porat was able to catch this little lost dog. He decided to take her home with him, in hopes that maybe he could try and find her real owner. Gomi is a goofy, energetic 2 year old French bulldog dog, who immediately welcomed the little lost dog into his home. The Chihuahua was clearly much older than little Gomi, but the pair still got along really great, and loved to snuggle and also to play together from the moment they met.

“Gomi was always trying to play with her but I kept telling him to relax because she probably went through a lot,” Porat says. “They snuggled together at night and also both slept with me in bed”.

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Little Gomi is actually an Instagram-famous dog, and he has more than 80,000 people following his account. His human dad decided to post about the lost Chihuahua on Gomi’s Instagram. He hoped that at least one of his thousands of followers might be able to help to find a home for this lost dog.

Then, something truly amazing happened, Porat got a few different messages from various people who recognized the dog. Her name was Osita, and her dad was desperately trying to find her for a few days already.

As it turns out, the 14-year-old Osita went missing after she accidentally got out of her human dad’s garage, around 10 blocks away from where he found her!

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Once Briand (Osita`s owner) and Porat got in contact, they arranged a time for Porat to bring Osita home. Briand was really overjoyed to see his dog again, and Osita was really happy to see him too. She was a bit sad to leave her new pal Gomi, and she misses him already.

source: www.thedodo.com

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