Bunny Is This Woman`s Hiking Buddy

This woman needed a hiking buddy, and here is what she got! Her bunny is her best friend and her hiking buddy too!

There is nothing better than hiking with your best buddy, especially when it is a bunny Sir Quincey. This cute fur ball in the picture is not just any pet. The moment that this bunny puts on a harness, he turns into his owner’s hiking partner. “Sir Quincey grew to love it because it meant he could play outside and go much further than his fence” his owner says. On the big day of their first ever hiking trip, she made sure that they had everything that they can possibly need. “I was able to pack his eating bowl, also food and favorite toys”. To her delight, he was enjoying  the hike as much as she was. “He hopped a little bit but mostly he wanted to ride on my backpack. I think that he likes being able to see everything from up there.”



These two companions had some interesting adventures, such as spotting beluga whales. When this woman and her cute bunny reached one remote forestry cabin 15 miles into their trip, she saw Sir Quincey trying to “steal her bed”. Of course, she could not be mad at such an adorable bunny who simply wanted a comfy spot to rest and get some sleep. The owner also says: “30 miles and over 5 attempted eagle swoops later we made it back home safely”.


bunny 7

These two are best friends and they do everything together. The bunny enjoys spending time with his owner no matter where they are going. The two of them have all sorts of adventures together. Still sometimes they just love to stay in and rest all day long! Their friendship is really a good example how you can do so plenty different things with your pet and spend more time together!

bunny 6

bunny 9

bunny 10

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