Canines Arguing With Owners (FUNNY VIDEO)

Canines and their owners arguing is quite hilarious and very amusing. Both of them are trying to make a point but neither the canines or the owners seem to get what the other one is trying to say

canines arguing with owner 1

Canines love to do all sorts of things that they are not supposed to. When you catch them they give the adorable “puppy look” that says ” I am sorry ” and most of us melt straight away and forgive all. But there are some that try to explain to their canines that what they did was very wrong and that their upset. What happens then? You get the most amusing disputes between dogs and their owners!

Check out this funny video of a Husky arguing with his owner !

Here is a really funny video of a Husky and his owner fighting about the fact that the Husky ate his owner`s potato skin off the plate. The owner is really upset and persistent to explain to the Husky what he did . The husky is also trying to make his point in this fight and not backing down from this argument.

Check out this video of two Great Dane canines and they`re owner arguing over who he is going to pamper first !

So, in this video there is two Great Dane canines. One is being cuddled and the other one is complaining and arguing with their owner why is he not cuddling. The owner keeps telling him to sit down, to act nice and that it is not his turn now. But the dog just does not care. He is very jealous and he needs to express his jealousy. This is so funny.

Meet Zues, a very stubborn Husky who does not want to get out of the bathtub !

This video is hilarious. Zues, a Husky is fighting with his owner because simply he does not want to get out of the bathtub. He wants a bath and she wants to take him for a walk. So who will win this argument? My bet is on the dog

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