Cat Rescued After 16 Days In Rumble (VIDEO)

Cat named Georgiana used up one of its nine lives after remarkably surviving under the rubble of an earthquake in Italy. The poor cat was licking raindrops for 16 days to stay alive!

The cat was trapped for over two weeks under the remains after the horrible earthquake. The rescue took place in the town Illica, in Italy. Finally, the kitty was saved from the rubble by rescuers.

Here is the video of the rescuing of the poor kitty Georgiana !

Camilla and Olivia were the survivors of the horrible earthquake. They asked the volunteers from the animal protection organization  called OIPA to try to rescue their cat. He was missing since the horrifying tremor. Georgiana was finally saved during the last chance search operation. She lost a lot of fluids but all in all she was in good health.

Firefighters also rescued a cat named Pietro, a lucky cat who remarkably survived under the rubbles of Italy’s latest earthquake.

The kitty was under the remains of a collapsed house in the town of Amatrice until the firefighters saved him. The firefighters were in the middle of excavating the remains of the collapsed house when they heard faint meows from under the ruins.


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