Catnip Wine That Lets Your Cat Be Your New Drinking Buddy

This new catnip wine lets your cat be your new drinking buddy!

Well, you probably know how it is. You arrive home late from work. It’s been a long and very stressful day at the office. The only thing you want to do is unwind with a nice glass of wine. However, you do not have nobody to drink it with. You only have your precious kitty. And cats do not drink wine, right? Well, you could not be more wrong about that! This catnip wine is the new trend around the block!

catnip wine 2

It was created by Colorado-based Apollo Peak and it actually comes in two varieties, the MosCATo and also Pinot Meow, both of which come in different sizes. This catnip wine is 100% non-alcoholic of course, however, it does at least contain catnip. So you just might want to be the designated driver should you and your cat decide to share a bottle of this.

catnip wine 4

As it states on the Apollo Peak official website: “Why Drink Alone?! We have labored intensively to develop a non-alcoholic, a catnip-based wine just for your furry feline friends. It is a satisfying blend for cats of all ages and sizes”.

While alcohol is very harmful to animals, your feline companion is perfectly safe drinking this non alcoholic catnip wine. That is right, a wine specifically made for your cool kitty cat. All of Apollo Peak’s beverages are made from organic catnip that they grow in the Pacific Northwest and also fresh, organic beets. A dog specific wine is also in the work, perhaps it will be a Sauvignon Bark? In the meantime, it is safe to let your canine roommate steal a lick of the catnip wine,  as long as your kitty cat is ok with it. How do you feel about this, would you give to your kitty or not?



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