Cats Vs. Dogs Who Will Win

Cats vs. dogs who is a better pet? Who will win this fight? Both of them make wonderful companions but there are some big differences between them.

This is a never ending discussion who makes the better pet. Cat lover will say cats and dog lovers will of course say dogs. But, there are some up sides and down sides to both cats and dogs. We love them all and how to choose when all of them are so darn cute and adorable.


Dogs will really always love unconditionally no matter what and look at as the center of their universe. Cats on the other hand are not that open to show affection but no less they feel it as well as dogs. Cats do not show that much emotion and are much more independent. They won`t mind if they are alone at home and no matter how much you try to please them they will look at you with that “stuck up” look.


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