Chameleons Are Super Cute

Baby chameleons are so cute. These photos will melt your heart for sure! They will win your heart and make you fall in love with lizards!

Chameleons are small reptiles that are a part of the iguana family. These colorful and cute lizards are one of the few animals that can change their skin color. However, it is a common misconception that they change colors to match their surroundings.


There are 171 species of chameleons in the world. With so many different species, there are also many different sizes.

chameleons 45

Unlike other animals, they continue to grow throughout their whole lives. As their old skin gets too small, they will shed it in bits and pieces, unlike snakes that shed their skin all at once. Changing skin color is a very important part of communication among them. Chameleon’s skin changes colors in response to its emotions, such as anger or fear, and changes in light, temperature or humidity too.

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The brighter the color is, the more dominant the male is, and the more attractive he is to the females. A submissive male is usually brown or gray colored. Females use their colors to accept or reject a male suitor, and their color can also indicate that she is maybe pregnant.


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