Chihuahua Is Given A 3D Printed Body Harness

Chihuahua Turbo-Roo was born without front legs and the poor baby had to hop everywhere. Now she has a 3D printed body harness and a set of skateboard wheels ! Scroll down for the video!

Adorable chihuahua called Turbo-Roo was born without front legs. Because of that he could not walk so all he could was to hop around. Turbo-Roo lost his human family when he was just four weeks old. His first owners could not take care of him, and they took him and left him with Ashley Looper, a veterinarian technician.

Just look at this cute face and his adorable puppy eyes !



But only two months later Turbo got a 3D body harness and special skateboard wheels. Now he is living up to his name.  Ashley Looper adopted the cute chihuahua and first they fitted him with a set of toy wheels. She launched a big campaign online so that Turbo could receive a proper set of wheels.


“I just fell in love with him straight away” Ashley said. ” I know how to take to care of a dog with special needs because I have worked with special needs pets before. It really really takes a lot and as I did it in the past I knew that it was just a perfect fit. I adopted him straight away and could not be more happy about it.”


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