Cockatoo Max Acting Naughty (FUNNY VIDEO)

Cockatoo Max is being very naughty, he does not want to go to the vet so he is arguing with his human dad! This is really hilarious !

The Cockatoos are one of the most talkative birds in the Parrot family. They are extremely attractive and beautiful birds that possess striking talking abilities. Cockatoo is one extremely beautiful, loving and social creature, a very intelligent, playful, inquisitive and enchanting bird.

Meet Max! He is one really handsome Cockatoo. Max is supposed to go to the vet but he is not really in a mood for that. So he is having quite an argument with his human dad.

This funny cockatoo keeps saying ” I don`t wanna go”, his is being so vocal about it. He is so cute

Check out this video of Max, the Cockatoo having another argument, he is really one stubborn bird !

The Cockatoos are very lively and very affectionate birds. They are quite “cuddly” and bond a close relationship with their owners. However, their sociability and need for affection means  that they demand a great deal of time from their human parents. Deprived of affection, cockatoos will become very depressed and can easily exhibit neurotic behavior. They are intelligent, playful, mischievous, and they can be exceptionally loud when they want to.


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