Coconut Crabs Are Extremely Strong (VIDEO)

Coconut Crabs are really strong. They have one of the strongest bites in the world. Only alligators have stronger bites

coconut crab orange

Coconut crabs also known by the name or “The Robber Crab” or “The Palm Thief”. They live in dry land are very amazing. Coconut crabs live in the small islands of the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. Adult coconut crabs like to eat fruits, nuts, seeds, and pretty much all the pith from the fallen trees.

They as well will eat dead or decaying flesh of animals and some other organic matter opportunistically. Anything that is left on the ground is a potential source of food for them. Coconut crabs  they will investigate everything that they find and may carry it away, that is why they got their alternative name  “Robber crab.” The species is usually associated with the coconut palm, but coconuts are not a big part of its diet.

Here is a video of the Coconut Crabs, the largest land crab in the world !

Of course, crabs begin their lives floating freely at sea. After a month or so of eating and growing, they will find a small shell, snail shell or similar and move in. The little crabs will carry this “mobile home” as they slowly begin to transition to a land-based life.  As a crab gets bigger, its will shell get tighter and tighter like an old pair of shoes on a kid who is growing fast. The coconut crab will need to find a bigger shell and then to make a quick switch. But the downside is that larger home will be heavier to tote around. After one year or so of inhabiting different shells, the coconut crab will make a major lifestyle change. It will crawl out of the shell and then harden the parts of its body that once protected by the shell. This process is called recalcification.

Coconut crabs are amazing creatures, and we need to learn more about them, not just because they’re incredible but because they can tell us a lot about biology. They may be huge and heavily armored, but they can be very vulnerable at younger age. It can take an extremely long time period for them to grow to their full size and they can live more than 40 years.

Check out this video where you can see how actually strong they are !

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