Coconut Oil Has Many Health Benefits For Your Pets

Coconut oil is not only for humans! It is also great for dogs and cats too! It can help to treat a lot of things!

What we are actually now only just learning is the wide range of benefits coconut oil can offer our pups too! Read on to find out how coconut oil can actually improve the health of your dogs.

coconut oil 3

It will keep their coat all shiny and nice!

As with human hair, coconut oil also works very well to promote healthy and also glossy hair. Just add it into your pup’s diet and then watch what a difference it can make to their coat.

It can soothe their skin!

Coconut oil acts as a soothing and also as a moisturizing ointment for dry, itchy or irritated skin too. You could also feel free to use it on bites, stings or any kind of nasty skin conditions for a bit of added relief.

It can help to heal small wounds and alo some cuts!

Coconut oil contains natural some antibacterial, antiviral and also anti-fungal properties. This means it is great for healing small wounds. Apply it as a topical treatment and then also ensure that they don’t lick it off immediately (even though it’s harmless if they do, it just saves you the hassle of re-applying once again). If you are looking for something extra to apply to your pet`s wounds you could try mixing some coconut oil with oregano oil and just storing it in a jar.coconut oil 4

It will help your dog to smell better

Not only will adding coconut oil to your dog`s  diet help with their smelly breath, but it will also work as a natural deodorant too. It is best to use 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of dog per day.

It helps with weight loss

This is because this oil is a natural energy booster. This will give your dog more energy to get out and also to become more active.


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