Colorado Cat Finally Rescued From A 30 Foot Hole All The Way In Texas

The missing Colorado cat was finally rescued in an six hour rescue mission far away from home! This cat somehow traveled over 800 miles and finally she is safe!

A Colorado cat Harvey was missing from its home for more than a year! He was rescued from a nearly 30-foot deep hole all the way in Texas. Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center shared some photos of Harvey the cat who was trapped in the deep hole more than 800 miles away from his home. “Our field team spent over six hours working to pull him from a 25-foot hole after he fell in and got trapped,” Dallas Animal Services says.

colorado cat 4

After rescuing cute Harvey, this animal rescue group scanned the missing cat’s microchip. They then contacted his owner in Denver, who said he was actually missing since last June!

Harvey’s owner Jackie Ewer told Denver 7 she was quite in disbelief when she first received the call from the Texas animal shelter. “I really don’t know how it is possible you have my cat because I live all the way in Colorado,” she says. “I am quite surprised, but at the same time if any cat would have some crazy adventure, it would be Harvey for sure. He is just very funny”.

Colorado cat 2

Ewer says that Harvey thrived as an outdoor cat back in Colorado. She actually became very worried after he did not return home after several nights. “After I did not see him for a while I was really concerned that a wild animal got him,” she says. “Harvey knew where his home was. I was quite surprised when he did not come home for a couple nights. I was really worried about him”.

colorado cat 3

She speculated that Harvey maybe managed to hitch a ride on a truck for his long journey. “I really wish he could talk. That would be such a fun story to see what has was up to for the last 8 months”.


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