Cop Responds To Call At Animal Shelter, And Does An Amazing Thing

A cop responds to a call at animal shelter, but he can not put down a tiny rescue puppy. What does he do next? Well, adopts it, of course!

A cop Marcus Montgomery responds to a routine call at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society to handle a situation with one of the employees. As he was on his way out, Marcus could not help but to notice that a shelter supervisor had a cute, tiny rescue puppy in her hands. He instantly has a connection with the cute, little guy and wants to bring the puppy home.

cop 1

“I immediately felt the connection, but I was at first apprehensive due to me and also my girlfriend’s schedule. I figured it was going to be a bit difficult to give him the proper care he deserves,” Marcus says. Marcus spoke with the staff to see what would go into caring for this cute baby dog.

“After speaking with the staff, they educated me on what he would actually need and that he would actually be OK by himself, as long as it was not for a long amount of time. So I went home and spoke to my girlfriend and she immediately fell in love with him once she held him  in her arms,” he says.

cop 3

The couple already had one dog,  a rescue pit bull Vader.  They gave their new puppy the name Kylo, in honor of their favorite Star Wars villains. “Since I named our first dog, I wanted my girlfriend to name our newest addition. Because we already have Vader, she decided on Kylo, or Kylo Ren due to the Star Wars connection,” he says.

Vader treats Kylo like his little brother, and Kylo follows him around playing with him and mimicking his every move. “They love to play around but I usually stay close. Kylo is still in his teething stage and I do not want him latching onto Vader,” he says.

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