Couple Things Only Dog Owners Understand

Unless if own a dog, it is hard to understand what it is really like to be a human parent to a dog. Here are a couple things that every dog owner will experience at least once in their lifetime.

Dogs are adorable and sweet. They truly are a man`s best friend. They love us so much and would do anything for us. Their loyalty is really over the top. If you ever owned a dog or you have one now you know this already then. But here are a couple things that our dogs love to do and us human find irresistible!

#1 A 4th of July tradition usually involves staying far away from the fireworks.

couple things1

At our house, our Fourth of July tradition is putting our dogs in the car and driving fat away for an hour or so. It is just so stressful for them. We can still enjoy the parties but before and after the show.

#2  It is so hard to resist that cute head tilt.

couple things2

That adorable head tilt really should be illegal, because who can say no to that sweet face. Every dog owner knows exactly what I am talking about here.


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