Coyote Can`t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued

Shivering and injured coyote can’t stop smiling after rescuers save his life!

Golf course workers in Ottawa, Canada saw an injured coyote, so they called a local wildlife sanctuary to come and save him. The sanctuary workers set a trap to catch him and help him, but they could not fool him.  He had some bad injuries. He probably was hit by a car, and was also suffering from sarcoptic mange. That is a skin parasite that causes the fur to fall out and often results in death. In this coyote’s case, the lack of his fur was especially dangerous in the cold Canadian winter.


But the poor coyote was all alone, afraid, sick and desperate to survive, so he continued to elude them. He did not know that the humans were actually trying to help him get better.

Coyotes are most certainly not meant to be domesticated. They can be dangerous to both pets and children. Usually, these animals should be left alone or handled by professionals only. They are famous for their slyness, and especially for their sneakiness. But, they can also surprise and delight us with their sweet side.


The rescuers finally caught him on November 21st, and they saw that he was in a very bad condition. He pelvis was broken, probably from being hit by a car. His coat was in terrible shape from the mange. That was putting him at high risk of not only infection, but also of freezing to death in the cold winter. Normally, a thick coat of fur keeps the coyotes warm, but this one was almost bald.


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