Cute Baby Elephant Spots A Goat And Runs Away Screaming (VIDEO)

A cute baby elephant spots a tiny goat and runs away screaming in fear from it! This video is really cute and funny! Check it out!

Elephants are actually one of the largest animals on Earth. They are gentle giants, because they are so calm, peaceful, and also slow-moving. They can weigh anywhere from 6,000 to even 20,000 pounds. Can you really imagine them being afraid of anything? All they would have to do is stomp, and they could pretty much squish anything with their heavy weight. But, as it actually turns out, they definitely have some fears. This cute baby elephant saw a small goat and got so scared of it that he ran while screaming! Check out this funny video bellow!

cute baby elephant 2

The cute baby elephant you are about to see below is really scared of a baby goat. Yes, a cute baby goat. The goat is harmless, right? Of course, there are much more serious threats in the real wild for many elephants, but this tiny baby goat is just enough to confuse and also to concern this cute baby elephant.

It screeches and also runs for its life, surprising everyone watching. Although he is clearly scared, it is kind of adorable, too. The people there at the moment when it happened all had a nice laught. It is actually quite funny!

Check out this funny video of a cute baby elephant getting scared of a baby goat and running away screaming!

This poor baby just did noy know what this goat actually was, so it is quite natural for him to get confused. Running right over to Mom or Dad’s protection seems like a pretty reasonable reaction, and also a great way to stay protected. Especially when your mom and dad are thousands of pounds. We all have some fears in life. Is there one thing that you would always run from?


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