Cute Kitten Has A Really Interesting Pattern On Her Nose

This cute kitten recently became an Internet sensation! Wondering why? Well, beside being adorable she has a really interesting pattern on her nose!

This cute kitten is currently stunning Japan because its nose is in exactly the same shape as his feline self. As a result of a biological quirk the kitty’s nasal coloring has formed another tiny cat on the front of his face and it is really adorable. It is like her mini me!

cute kitten 2

The pictures went down a storm in the land of the rising sun. They were snapped there by stunned a random passer-by. One report from Japan says: “At first glance it is an ordinary cute kitty with a black and white coat color, but if you zoom in on its face and look closely, there is an unusual pattern that looks like a cat’s silhouette perfectly”.

The fascinatingly featured cute kitty was snapped with some pals on what looks like a piece of wasteland. While another report described this cat as a miracle, others are wondering if this particular pussy can bring you good luck should it cross your path.

cute kitten 3

This kitty is the cause of much speculation since her pictures emerged online. Plenty people think she might bring good luck. Well, plenty people still believe that black cats bring bad luck, especially if they cross your path. Even though it is a myth, this belief has been going on for centuries now. Maybe this kitty will break those stereotypes and bring some good luck to all.

Most importantly, we hope that this unusual kitten and her other siblings will find their forever homes real soon. Since they have become an Internet sensation so quickly, we are very confident that they will get adopted and have all the love and care in the world!


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