Cute Kitty With The Sweetest “Sad Eyes”

This cute kitty is constantly embarrassed and shy and no one knows why!

Maisey is such a cute kitty. She has the sweetest eyes. For some reason she always looks sad and embarrassed even though she has no reason for that. She has a loving family and a great home. The adorable Scottish Fold kitty looks like she is always regretting about past events. This cute Californian girl wins thousands of hearts on social networks like Instagram with her huge and also sad looking eyes and overall adorable presence.

cute kitty9

Have you ever maybe caught yourself thinking about some random embarrassing moments from your past and you just couldn’t help but want to vanish from the surface of the earth? Well, Maisey has!

cute kitty 4

Maisey is very loving and loves to cuddle.  She is a cute friendly girl who likes to meet and greet people. Maisey can be quite an independent girl at times, but sometimes she just wants lots of cuddles.

cute kitty6


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