Death Row Dog Gets Adopted At The Last Minute And His Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)

This death row dog gets adopted at the last minute and his reaction will make you entire week! Scroll down for the video!

It is a really sad fact that plenty animals are euthanized in shelter every single day! Most animals that end up in shelters actually do not get that second chance for life. This sweet dog was on death row, and luckily he was adopted at the last minute! His reaction is really priceless, it brings tears to your eyes! Every animals has a soul and deserves to live!

death 2

Unfortunately, there are just too many homeless dogs and shelters just can`t take care of them all. That is why they encourage people to save these poor dogs by adopting them. This dog was really lucky to escape death row at the last minute and his name is Benny.

Benny is an 8 month old puppy who was staying at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California. He was going to get euthanized because the shelter  was getting really overcrowded.

But then, a real miracle happened. Benny was saved right at the very last minute. A family came to save poor Benny and he could not be any happier! His reaction is so sweet!

death 3

Benny’s Christmas wish of having a loving forever home finally came true! At first he did not really know what was happening. Then later on, when they put the leash on him, Benny figured out that he was getting out of there and on to a new wonderful life!

Awwww…this heartwarming video really brings tears of joy to the eyes!

Benny was just so excited and so happy that he will finally got the loving family he was wishing for! He just can not wait to get out of there.

Will you be the one that makes their wishes come true? Visit your local shelters, adopt a new loving family member, and save a precious life!

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